About Us


Broadcasting Technology International TV Solution

(BTiTV Solution)


* BTiTV Solution is a media outfit Base in Copenhagen Denmark Europe and Africa.

* BTiTV Solution is a continuous free Broadband and on line TV broadcasting Technology Channel which its main Focus on Success and Development of Africa ( the Africa future). Bring foreign Investors to Africa Continent. job creation in the society.

* BTiTV Solution is fully committed to support Re-brand, promote Africa and African youths, the leaders of tomorrow to grow, for Development of African continent and bring back the lost glory of the Nation and prove to the world the real image of Africa.

* BTiTV Solution is also finding practical solutions to problems faced by Africans in Africa and the Diaspora. As part of its program also include the latest news on Issues causing Africa Problem, current affairs that can proffer solutions to the mirage of problem confronting the continent of Africa, political Reforms Favoring Change, Debates, Audience Forum Discussion and Interviews with Decisions Makers on the latest trends of activities in African nations. We intend to attain these aims by inviting people of high caliber in different fields to give speech in their area of specializations.

* Problems centered on the following areas below shall be discussed and use to bridge the widening gap that has been created.

Political. Educational and social matters. in Infrastructural facilities such as good network of Roads, constant supply of Water, latest Technology, Electricity, latest medical facilities. Economic and Agricultural Development. Immigration. Human Trafficking and Security. Bring unity among the different ethnic groups in Africa. Discussion on Health. Unemployment Training and Development Youths. Poverty and job creation in the society. Bring foreign Investors to Africa.


 Our aims and objectives are:

 (I) To Organizing Audience Youths Forum Discussion, Debates and interviews with Decisions Makers.

(II) To Portray Africa Continent in a positive way to the rest of the Global community. Meaning that the African countries should be projected in the right perspective by the quality and versatile of both human and natural resources we are endowed.

(III) To promote African culture, Tourism, Government, Institutions, Organizations, Private business sectors and all our moral values.

(IV) To Education African in Diaspora on Immigration Issues.

 (V) BTiTV Solution Organization: To COLLABORATE AND PARTNER with LOCAL CHARITY ORGANIZATIONS in Africa and Diaspora.  To fight the Orphan Crisis  and providing necessary assistance needed.